Lego City Set #852331 Vintage Mini Figure Collection

Celebrate 30 years of LEGO minifigures! Everybody loves a classic! Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the LEGO minifigure with this unique collection of 5 famous figures from through the years. From the vintage 1978 astronaut to the mad scientist of 2


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LEGO City Camper (7639)

Pieces: 165

Hit the road with the LEGO® City camper!
It’s vacation time! Pack up the camper with everything you’ll need for your trip, including a surfboard, bike and grill. Adventure and the open road await!

LEGO City MiniFigure Collection (8401)

Pieces: 60

Meet the residents of LEGO® City!
LEGO® City is one busy place! As the girl listens to the radio on the park bench, the nearby policeman directs cars at the traffic light, the delivery boy hurries with an important


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